Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Persona 4: The Animation set to release in the states

Man, there's a lot of game-related anime news floating around lately! This is one tidbit that I'm very, very happy to report. I've been looking forward to an announcement like this for quite some time, and thankfully the good news has just come through.

Sentai Filmworks has confirmed that they'll be releasing a localization for Persona 4: The Animation in the states. Talk about being on the ball, considering how the series hasn't even started airing in Japan yet! Now we know an official localization is going to head our way, but we don't know when exactly it will hit.

Even if you're not into the Persona line of games, the trailers above should do more than enough to get you excited!


  1. They better get the voice talent from the video game.

  2. But I don't know anything about the 3 other Persona's...Too many personas for Persona!!! :P