Friday, September 16, 2011

Level-5/Studio Ghibli collaboration 'Ninokuni' heading to North America

This one has been a long time coming for fans of game developer Level-5. Today it has been confirmed that one of their recent RPG titles, Ninokuni, is going to receive a localization. While the game is available on PS3 and DS, only the PS3 version is going to hit stateside. It's sad to see the DS left out, but at least we'll get to experience the game.

Why talk about this on Anime Your Way? Well, Level-5 collaborated with world-renowned anime producer Studio Ghibli for the project. Not only did Ghibli provide a ton of anime cut-scenes for the game, but the game's graphics mimic the Ghibli style almost perfectly. The goal was to make a seamless anime experience that switches from animated scenes to gameplay without jarring changes in presentation.

Whether you're an anime fan or a gamer, this is certainly one to look out for. The work of Level-5 and Studio Ghibli is very well respected, and this pairing is sure to bring fans around the world something special. As of right now, Ninokuni is slated for release in North America early 2012.