Monday, September 5, 2011

The art of cosplay

I would never be able to cosplay. First off, my body type doesn't really lend itself well to many of the anime characters out there. Second, I wouldn't even know how I would find the time to put together a costume like that. Third, I have nowhere near the skill and talent that it takes to put together a cosplay outfit. I believe cosplay truly is an art that gets an awful amount of ridicule, and it should be getting the opposite.

Putting together an anime costume is an art, without a doubt. The amount of man hours that goes into creating an anime costume is mind-boggling. Not only do you have to have all sorts of seamstress skills, you also need to have a very keen eye for detail. The people that cosplay make sure they have ever tiny aspect of their outfits right, otherwise they won't be taken seriously.

What do these uber-fans get for pouring so much time, money and work into their cosplay outfits? They get the adoration of few, and the mean comments of many. I've seen some absolutely terrible things said about cosplayers. How someone can put down a person for working hard and showing their passion is beyond me. Cosplayers may be few and far between, but their commitment to a project and dedication to all that work is worth praise.

What do you think about cosplay/ Are you a cosplayer as well? Have you ever considered trying out your own cosplay costume? If you have done cosplay in the past, please feel free to share your photos with us!


  1. I really like this post of yours. I hate it when people stereotype cosplayers as posers or exhibitionists. There are indeed such people, but to some of us, we just want to role-play our favourite characters, what they would do in situations or how they'll react to characters in another anime.

    I personally am a Gintama fan, because in Gintama, ANYTHING can happen, so it makes cosplaying characters from it more fun, as you can mess around with anybody anywhere anytime.

    If you would like, there is a very good website where cosplayers (mainly Japanese) gather. The website is available in English and Japanese.

    Enjoy! =D

  2. Well personally I would never do cosplay. Though I think it's okay if other people do it if they are meant to do it. Like Nintendo Fan Girl, she looks good when she cosplays.

  3. I actually do Cosplay. i went as Simon from Gurren Lagann for the past two years. and this year i did Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. sadly i don't have a picture.