Sunday, September 18, 2011

One to keep an eye on: Kyousogiga

While we talk a lot about localized anime here, it's also important to keep an eye on the up-and-coming content from Japan. We're out to find the new, fresh and engaging programming that is just around the corner. This time around we're going to take a look at Kyousogiga.

In a world where boundary between human and yokai worlds is no longer distinguishable, 3 different groups pursue for power. What is Count of Reality and Destruction of Negentrophy? Koto, a high school girl who got out of maze of Java Work, chases the shadow of "Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit)". This is a story surrounding various people chasing Kuro Usagi in Kyoto, where time has stopped.

The animation is gorgeous, the story sounds interesting and the music is infectious. This certainly looks like a project that's going to be worth a watch. This project will be streamed online on Dec. 10th. No word on a localization at this time.