Monday, September 12, 2011

Fill Me In: Sailor Moon

Even though I love anime, that doesn't mean I've seen every bit of anime content out there. In a series of articles I plan to continue, I'll be looking to you guys for information on some of the industry's most well-known series' that I haven't really experienced. Let's kick things off with a classic, shall we?

For some anime fans, saying you've never seen Sailor Moon like like sacrilege. For others, Sailor Moon is one of the reasons why the public-at-large doesn't understand what anime is or what it has to offer. It seems like quite a polarizing show here in the states, but there's no doubt that it has its fans. Across the pond, the love and adoration for the franchise is far beyond what we've seen here.

In my time on this planet, I've managed to see maybe two episodes of Sailor Moon. Obviously this anime isn't really geared towards all ages, but I can still appreciate content that is meant for a younger crowd. I'd like to think that I'm young at heart, but that doesn't help me understand just what in the hell is going on with Sailor Moon! I'm sure it's not a complicated series by any means, but jumping in on a random episode leaves me with a lot of questions.

I'm looking for guys and gals that have experienced the series and have formed opinions on it. Feel free to express your negative or positive experiences with the series, but please remember to be respectful of your fellow readers. I'm looking for impressions of the show in general, as well as basic knowledge of how it all plays out. Can you guys show me why putting in some time with Sailor Moon might be worth it?


  1. Let me tell you that the English version of Sailor Moon and the Japanese version of Sailor Moon are WORLDS apart. This is legitely an anime that you should only watch in Japanese. Not only did Dic (who handled the first couple of seasons) edit anything they found too "mature", but they also changed the music, graphics, and STORYLINE of the entire show. They edited down the hour long finale down to 30 minutes for godsakes. This was also back in the time of anime when dubbing was terrible.

    I recently watched the entire series in Japanese for the first time. It's actually a good slice of life/school/friendship/comedy anime with fights at the end. Some seasons are definately better than others. I dislike the SuperS series and love the S series.

    You should give it a shot and at least watch the first, original Sailor Moon series. If you like it then you can continue with R, S, SS, and Stars (which never came to America because of transgenders!).

  2. In response to your comments about jumping in mid-series, it is something that you need to see from the beginning. There is a certain amount of lore in addition to the relationships the characters have with each other that you would not understand without watching the series sequentially. That's not to say you need to watch EVERY episode as many are just filler monster-of-the-day episodes with no relation to the overall story, but you can't start watching the second part of the series without watching the first.

  3. i didn't mind sailor moon, though i did watched the rest of it sub, but i like it on toonami because it was one of the first anime i watched growing up

  4. Yeah I hardly remember any of it at all because it was such a long time ago I watched it on Toonami.

    And yeah I remember some people talking about how edited the dub was.