Friday, September 9, 2011

Rekindling a love of anime

I try to be as proactive on Twitter as possible with this blog. I know how important this social media stuff is in today's day and age. Sources like Facebook and Twitter have become extremely important for creating buzz, and even huge companies are reaching out through these methods to gain awareness. For me, I'm out to actually talk with anime viewers and see where they're at with anime in general.

Over these past few months, I've seen all kinds of commentary on anime. Some people can't express their hatred of anime enough, while others are superfans without a doubt. While I don't enjoy seeing the negative commentary out there, I can at least say that it's interesting to learn where people are coming from. I reach out to both sides alike to and find out where they're coming from, and more often than not I'll hear back.

What I never realized was how my approach to Twitter has been viewed in the eyes of other Twitter users. I constantly search for those that are talking about anime, but never stopped to think about what other Twitter users are looking for. I've come to find that in a handful of cases, my tweets have done something pretty special. I don't say this to toot my own horn, but to show how being a proactive anime fan can really spread the love.

I've had a few people contact me through Twitter to tell me that my passion for anime has really rekindled their love of anime in general. Some people have fallen out of anime but decided to jump back in after seeing my passion. Others may have had their interest fading, but now they're back in the game after realizing what great content is out there. Hearing this kind of stuff from people on Twitter really, really makes my day.

It just goes to show how passion can really spread from one person to another. I hope you guys are out there showing your love of anime to those that are willing to listen. You don't have ot be overbearing or in-your-face about it. A genuine passion for anime will come through, so long as you're willing to talk about it. This kind of social interaction is really important for the future of anime, and I can only hope that the industry itself starts reaching out as much as possible.

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