Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Share your anime wallpaper!

A simple but fun idea that I like to throw out on GoNintendo from time to time, and it makes perfect sense for this blog as well! I'd love to see what you guys have as your wallpaper on your PC/Mac. Of course, I'm looking for those of you that have anime wallpapers! I'm sure you've got some gorgeous ones on display.

I actually don't have an anime wallpaper on display right now, but the image above is the one that I had for quite some time. It's from the live-action adaptation of Death Note. Not exactly anime itself, but it's definitely stemming from my love of the anime/manga!

If you do have an anime wallpaper, link us in via the comments or Twitter! Also, please feel free to share some great sources for anime wallpaper resources. I'm always looking for more places to come up with great desktop art.


  1. http://pcmaniac88.deviantart.com/art/Rooftop-View-207018813 is my wallpaper. I have found a lot of great anime wallpaper from DeviantArt. The drawing reminds me of Negima.

  2. lol I always have a hard time finding good wallpaper because I have such a large monitor (2048x1152). So many are the standard 1920x1080.

    Also it has to be SFW or should I say family instead of work :P. Because I never know who might see my wallpaper's and get the wrong idea :V

    So with that in mind this is what I have right now. (And I like to switch it up a lot)


    Oh and I got a second monitor so that explains the coke.

    And a great source is wallbase.cc You can customize your search to any resolution, and they have a wide variety of wallpapers.