Monday, September 26, 2011

The Question 9/26: What anime did you check out this weekend?

One of my favorite parts of the week! I get to turn to you guys and find out what you watched over the weekend. I think most of us get to enjoy our anime fix over the weekend, and I sure hope you guys got to indulge!

I actually started watching Full Metal Alchemist again. There's a reason why I'm doing that, and I'll get to that in an article later on! I plowed through the first 6 episodes and plan to get through a lot more this week!

Enough about me, now it's your turn! What anime did you take in the past couple of days?


  1. I started watching an anime about a Flirtious Guy who suddenly is forced to take care of a 5 year old Girl. But... then i lost the anime and can't find it again..

    ALSO, RMC, do you mean the First FMA Anime, or Brotherhood?! Cuz' if you're only seen the First anime, then watch Brotherhood! It's much better, and actually follows the Manga story! :D

  2. I watched Mushi-shi, Last Exile, and Morobito :P

  3. Getting ready to finish Eden of the East.

    Started watching Pani Poni Dash, I'm not sure why, and I don't know if I'll complete it. It's.... interesting. Just sometime a little to odd for my tastes.

    I also ordered the rest of the Ys series ( I had the first DVD ). I always enjoyed the games series, so thought it would be fun to watch the show.

  4. I really liked both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Definitely my favorite anime. Make sure to watch both and the movie!

    Mushi-shi was another good anime. I really recommend that one too!

    I just finished watching Arakawa Under the Bridge. It's really weird and Japanesey and I love it! So watch it too if you get the chance! It's a lighthearted one that is sure to put you in a good mood.

  5. I finally finished off Queen's Blade. I'm surprised at how good the second season was. Way better than season 1.

  6. Durarara!!

    And I finally finished Ghost in the Shell: SAC!!!


    Now I just need to watch the 2 hour long Laughing Man Incident OVA and I can move onto my next dub'd anime :>