Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Vs. New Anime

Anime is not a new medium. It's been around for quite some time now. It's definitely had its fans over the years, and the industry has gotten more notoriety as time went on. While anime in general continues to see productions and releases, the focus of anime itself has definitely changed over the years. Today's industry has a much different approach due to the markets.

The early days of anime was a lot more focused on fun topics as well as heavy into sci-fi. While there were still varied topics in the early days, the majority of content definitely focused on the content named above. Some might look back on those days and see the industry as a one-trick pony. The thing is, it's that content that helped elevate the market to where it is today.

The anime of today is extremely varied in content, but surprisingly it seems that creators have moved away from sci-fi themes that were once prevalent. Again, sci-fi features are still out there, but today we see a lot of slice of life, magical and cutesy anime. I'm not surprised to see anime change with the times, but today's anime seems to have gone in a completely different direction.

What kind of anime are you into more? Do you long for the old days of anime when things were more experimental, or do you want the kind of content that the industry puts out today? Share a comment with us and let us know which way you lean, and why that is.


  1. I'll put in a vote for the older content, I personally feel that it was a lot more original in the content that was put out. And most of the shows, in my opinion, still do not have a rival. Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Excel Saga,Record of the Lodoss Wars, Cowboy Bebop, etc. I realize that there is even older shows, but I think a lot of the shows from the 90's is where it was at.

    I'll admit, I'm also partial to a lot of stuff from that era, because that's when I was introduced to it.

    But I'm won't complain about todays content either. Shows like Spice and Wolf, Gurren Lagaan,Lucky Star, and FMA I think have shown that there are still plenty of great things coming.

  2. I like what they put out today. Since I haven't seen a whole lot of classic stuff, that's probably why I prefer new.