Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three big-name anime companies team up with Nintendo for Kid Icarus features

I love it when my worlds collide! I have the perfect opportunity to discuss Nintendo and anime due to an announcement the Big N made at their recent Pre Tokyo Game Show conference. It really is an anime/Nintendo fan's dream come true!

Nintendo has enlisted the help of Production I.G., Shaft and Studio 4°C to help them promote Kid Icarus: Uprising, an upcoming title for the 3DS. These three anime powerhouses will be putting together anime features based on the Kid Icarus series. Each production is going to focus in on a different part of Kid Icarus lore, and will also take a different approach to the series. Expect one series to be all action, one to be humorous and another to detail backstory.

What's the best part about these features? They're all going to be released for free on the 3DS! You'll be able to watch them as they're streamed to your system. Right now the announcement was only related to Japan, but I have a feeling Nintendo will make sure these features get to North American and European fans as well.


  1. That's awesome, cuz' Kid Icarus seems to be an awesome game. XD I wonder, though, if those Anime eps will be as long as 'normal' anime episodes, or Short Stories? Anyways, it should be interesting. Can't wait~<3

  2. Can't wait to see what Shaft puts out :]