Friday, September 30, 2011

Anime is ahead of the tech game

Here at Anime Your Way, we put a very big focus on the content that anime creators pump out. We believe that anime offers up some truly amazing experiences, both from a visual standpoint as well as storyline. These are series' and movies that simply shouldn't be missed by anyone, which is why I do my best to spread the word on all that great stuff.

What I don't do often enough is marvel at one of the other important aspects of anime, the delivery system. When you compare anime to other entertainment mediums like movies and TV shows, anime really is ahead of the game. It's very clear that the anime industry is eager to jump on-board any and all technological delivery advancements that take foot.

Just think about the various ways that we can watch anime. Obviously we have TV broadcasts, as well as DVD/Blu-ray releases. That's just the very tip of the iceberg though. There are on-demand networks, support from Netflix and Hulu, various other streaming sites, digital downloads and so much more. You literally can get anime any way that suits your needs.

What I find most impressive is the simulcast option. How many other TV shows do you know of that support this? Anime fans in the states are very eager to see what Japan is watching, and we don't want to wait for that content. The industry recognizes that, and offers up simulcasts when possible. We literally get to watch anime series' right along with their Japanes airings, a couple days later at most. How is that for amazing fan support?

What method of anime viewing do you tackle most often? How do you feel about all the options out there for viewing? Doesn't it make you proud to be an anime fan and have all of these choices!? The content is great, and the anime industry wants to make sure you see it any way possible!

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  1. Yeah I like watching Blu-ray on my computer. And unlike videogames, you don't need the original system to play stuff. All you need is a screen :P