Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The anime that people don't view as anime

There are a lot of people today that say they dislike anime. They don't offer up any valid reasons for their interest, they just say that anime isn't for them. This is always a sad thing to see, but some people you just can't reach. No matter how hard you try, they aren't willing to open their eyes to the great collection of content out there.

Unfortunately, there's an even sadder position with these people. Most of them don't even realize that the programs they watched as children were actually anime. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people talk about the great cartoons they saw as kids, and how anime is nothing compared to that stuff.

Just like you see in the video above, there are many, many classic cartoons that were indeed anime productions. They may not have the 'typical' anime style that some people are so against, but they're anime productions nonetheless. How many people would look at the video above and classify it as anime? I would be willing to be that most would never make the connection.

What classic cartoons from your childhood were anime? Above is just one of many examples. Another classic example is Maya the Bee, an anime series that was aired on Nickelodeon in the states. Again, another show that many say they love, but don't realize that it's anime through and through.


  1. Good point you brought up. I remember being a fan of Voltron and Robotech without knowing until years later that they were anime. Also noteworthy is that you mentioned anime being so old, unlike the stuff we're used to in the 21st century. I wonder how many non-anime fans realize that Speed Racer is an anime, too?

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  3. Well yeah I don't think they had the technology back then to pull off the anime look we have today.