Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Far Is Too Far?

There are a lot of things I respect about the anime industry. One of those things is the industry's willingness to push forward with new, brave ideas. Anime creators aren't afraid to move into uncharted waters and provide experiences that other forms of media haven't even touched upon yet, or are too nervous to do so. I appreciate these bold steps, but sometimes you have to wonder what the creator's goal was.

As I said, I'm all for taking new steps in directions that other media hasn't been brave enough to tackle. The thing is, sometimes I feel that anime creators are pushing content in this direction just for shock value. It all depends on the anime and the situation, but it can sometimes be hard to tell what the real motivations of the team are.

Take, for example, Dance in the Vampire Bund. I get that the main character looks like a young girl but is actually thousands of years old. That in and of itself makes for an interesting story and some unique situations. I can respect the story from that point, but do we really need to see that main character nude repeatedly? Exploring the dynamics of that relationship in the eyes of others is where the interesting story is. Watching another character rub gel all over the young-looking character's body seems to be nothing more than for shock value.

Do you think that anime takes it too far sometimes? Perhaps you believe things haven't been pushed far enough? I am all for each creator's vision and keeping away from censorship. I can self-censor what I do not like. It's not the creator's job to make content that is palatable to all. I just have to wonder if sometimes that creator is really trying to tell a story, or if they're just trying to get a rouse out of the viewer.


  1. I think the issue here is fan service. Attitudes towards the sexualisation and objectification of girls and women is different in even mainstream Japanese culture when compared to attitudes in mainstream Western cultures.

    Anime is mostly made for young Japanese men. Young Japanese men like "tits and arse" hence the nudity and whatnot in anime. It's not for shock value. It's not to make a statement. It's the equivalent of the Page 3 girls in the UK tabloid newspaper The Sun - sex sells.

  2. The thing i think they takes too far is, simply, yes, Fanservice. There's Loaaaads of animes that's practically 99% Ecchi. It's both Sexistic, and just Stupid.. -.- But, as stated Abow, Sex Sells. Always..

  3. Meh, you can never take it too far with anime.

    But yeah I do notice some shows. Like this one where this girl takes this sex class and she had to do all of these sexual things. It's like lol wut ok?