Friday, September 2, 2011

Constructive criticism

The anime industry is one that I truly love. I believe the content that this industry puts out shows just how innovative and ingenious entertainment can be. There are features and stories seen in anime that we would never seen anywhere else, especially in style and subject matter. It's for those reasons, among many others, that I love anime.

Of course, another part of loving anime comes with wanting to see the best for the industry. I want to see huge levels of success and worldwide appreciation of the art form. The hours of hard work put into anime and the thousands of people that make it all possible need to be recognized for their contributions to our medias.

To truly want the best for the industry means that you'll also be willing to put forth criticism. No matter how amazing something is, there are always things that can be done to make the situation even better. To say that the anime industry is perfect would be a definite lie, and while I love so much what anime is and does, there are things that could be better.

I was hoping you guys would be willing to join me in some constructive anime criticism. Your issues can come from any angle of anime. Just make sure your comments are put forth in a constructive way. The goal isn't to rag on the industry for things you believe it does wrong. It's to better things and help make a better medium.

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  1. Well like I've said before I don't like the kanji puns they do. So maybe limit them, or at least put in some western puns.