Friday, September 2, 2011

Your favorite anime soundtracks

In the past, I touched upon a few aspects of anime soundtracks. I feel that the music in anime can be extremely crucial to selling a scene or conveying a mood. The on-screen action can only go so far, but the mixing with the right music can do amazing things. Those anime scenes paired with the right tunes will form memories that forever stick in your head. They'll probably have you humming as well!

I feel that both anime and game soundtracks never get the respect they deserve. There are thousands of people that are working their asses off to make sure the music you hear fits the scene, and only heightens what's going on. The right tune can bring you to tears or completely rip you out of a moment. It's that kind of make-or-break situation that weighs heavy on the sound staff as they try to put together something special.

It's hard for me to pick just one anime that features my favorite soundtrack. I think pound for pound, I'd have to call for a tie between FLCL and Death Note. The music of FLCL is absolutely fantastic, thanks to the band The Pillows. Their original creations outside of FLCL just somehow matched up ridiculously well with the anime. It's a 100% perfect fit. As for Death Note, that soundtrack gets the nod for a fully original score that will stick with you forever. Just hearing a few notes from some of those songs will instantly transport me to a moment in the series, and my emotions are automatically stirred up.

That's not to say that those two anime are the only ones that feature amazing soundtracks. Cowboy Bebop is another anime that is absolutely gorgeous to listen to, so long as you don't mind country twang and smooth jazz! What anime soundtracks do you think are head-and-shoulders above the rest? If it's on your iPod or computer, it must be worth a listen!


  1. well I have always liked Otoboku's soundtrack but what I find annoying is that some of the best themes were never released in "clean" form nor in the OST cds and the only way to listen them is actually watching the anime. -_-
    btw this is the first time I comment here, great job with the blog, I really like it n_n

    PS. english is not my first language

  2. I enjoy Baccano's, Durarara's, and several others. One of the few things I enjoy about FLCL is the soundtrack.

  3. I don't really have any anime soundtracks that I listen to outside of viewing the anime. Though there are some cool songs I like, but I like to keep those when I watch the series.

  4. i hear you... sometimes i like to listen to the background music more than the op/ed theme songs. BG music instantly takes you to the scene of that episode you've watched...

    there's really a lot of great OST's out there... hmm i could suggest you try listening to 5cm per second's ost.. the piano songs are superb...

    nice blog btw...