Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why can't Hollywood get live-action anime adaptations right?

I know, I's a painful image. It brings up all sorts of angry thoughts that might ruin the rest of your day. I sincerely apologize for that, but I think it's a topic that has to be talked about. Just why in the world is Hollywood incapable of adapting anime into live action films without ruining the experience?

I'll never understand the movie process when it comes to adapting existing properties into films. Most of the time we'll see Hollywood pick up the rights to a popular license, and then they'll twist things all around to try and reach a mass audience. Why not try and reach the audience that made the show successful? Why bother to pick up the license in the first place? The only thing you're doing is hurting those that enjoy the property, and turning others away that don't know how unfaithful your adaptation is!

It's very clear to me that these sort of projects start out with a few people that are passionate about the idea. They want to tell the story of an anime on the big screen, and they want to do it through live-action. That passion sells an idea...and then the Hollywood side of things comes in. That's when you have too many cooks in the kitchen, and none of them know the recipe to success. They boil a license down to basic elements and then twist those into something that is barely recognizable to fans.

Is it possible for an anime to be adapted into a live-action film with great success? I'm sure it is, but I don't know that Hollywood can do it. There are so many people involved along the way, and getting them all on the same page seems near impossible. The indie side of that might be a different story altogether!


  1. I think it can be done, the makers just can't really try to make it for an audience it wasn't originally intended for though.

  2. this is all i got to say

  3. A great anime to film adaption can and will definitely be done. It will just take time.

    Everyday more and more people are raised on anime. As more and more people who understand anime will choose careers in the film industry, eventually the right choices will be made.

    Remember that all it takes is one great anime film to open up a torrent of "me too" flicks. Ask any comic book/superhero fan.

  4. I enjoy anime for what it is, I wouldn't like it in live action form.