Friday, September 2, 2011

Why does anime frighten some people?

It's one thing to hate anime. It's one silly, ignorant thing...but we all know that those people are out there. Getting those people to change their minds is something we can easily approach, as there are multiple paths to showing someone why that opinion might not be warranted. That's something we've tackled before, but what about those that find anime scary?

Scary...frightening...creepy...weird...strange. You name it, they just are made uneasy by anime. I can't tell you how many Twitter comments I've come across where people have said that they're scared by anime, or that it creeps them out. 95% of the time these comments come out without any backup, and when I ask for some, no specific answer is given. What do they say if they do answer, you ask?

Seems that quite a few people are supposedly freaked out by the big eyes in anime. I don't know if this is honestly what scares them, or if they're just giving some sort of lame excuse. If you're scared of something legitimately, I really don't take it as a knock against that certain something. I can't be upset with someone for not liking anime because it legitimately makes them uneasy. I know I don't like to sit and watch/touch bugs because I'm weirded out by them, but is this really the same feeling people get from anime?

Do you know anyone that has said something along those lines? I'm sure you've come across at least one person that says they're either frightened or creeped out by anime. What do you make of the matter? Do you think it's a bogus claim, or are they legitimately scared? If so, what do you think does it for them?


  1. Personally, I used to go on this one website. The guy write articles on Nintendo. I agree with alot of what he says, but I stopped going on there once I realized how ignorant he can be. Even though I didn't like Metriod Other M, I was really annoyed by the way he stereotyped the game by saying it has a manga related look which scares people, and it would have sold more if it was aiming for a more anime style look. Some people are just ignorant and wont give somethings a chance. You can try to change their opinion but it's like half likely it wont work. Personally I don't go this guy's website since not only is he ignorant, he's racist too, with his comments on japanese people having small hands, and the 3ds having buttons for japanese people to play on. I refuse to give anyone who judges me on what I enjoy the time of day, it's a waste of my time :P

  2. Yeah I guess the eyes can be kind a weird for someone who hasn't seen it before. But it just goes with the art style and you get used to it. I like it.