Friday, September 2, 2011

Anime, it's been so long...

You know what makes life fun? Being able to partake in your hobbies. Having that free time to sit down, relax and enjoy something that puts a smile on your face. It makes all that work worth it. There's a reason why we push through our chores and daily routines, and part of that is definitely our free time fun. Without that bit of relaxation, we'd all go mad!

Of course, the issue with free time is that there's never enough of it. While there are hours upon hours of school or work, there's only a few hours each week for your free time. It's hard to take that small amount of time and cram in all the hobbies that you enjoy. You usually have to take on the stuff that you know can fit into the time you have.

I have a bunch of hobbies that I enjoy, and anime is without a doubt one of them. Sitting down and watching an anime is not only enjoyable, but also relaxing and sort of healing. Just having that time to myself, being able to kick back with a great show can work wonders for the body and soul. It gives you a chance to catch up with yourself and also get lost in a fantasy world.

Too bad I never get the chance to watch as much as I want! With the way my free time works out, I sometimes have to do other things related to work! That means I don't get to watch anime as much as I want to. It can be weeks from one viewing to the next, if not months. There's simply no knowing when I'll get to continue with an anime that I recently started.

What's the longest you've gone inbetween anime viewings? Have you missed out on your anime viewing for a couple days, or have you gone months as well? I'd love to hear about your longest stint of no anime, which made the return to viewing just that much sweeter!

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  1. Well from the time I got "serious" about anime watching eh, I think probably just a week.