Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After these messages

The age of the TV bump seems to have come and gone.  I can't really think of any TV shows nowadays that really use bumps.  The only network that still employees them seems to be Adult Swim, and they use them to very great effect.  The thing is, their bumps are usually in order to let viewers know about the happenings at the network, or details on the upcoming show.  They aren't bumps in the sense of a traditional commercial break intro/outro.

If you're in your 30s, you might remember the cartoon scene from when you were a kid.  Almost every respectable cartoon had a bumper placed during commercial breaks.  An important character from the show would provide a voiceover telling you that commercial breaks were coming up.  Then right before the commercial break was over, a bump would come up with that same character telling you that the show was over.

Now when you flip over to the world of anime, bumpers are in full effect.  I can't think of a recent anime that doesn't use bumps, and I love it!  I don't know about you, but I really like seeing bumps to lead us out and back into an anime.  Not only does it let me know when I can get up and hop in the kitchen or head into the bathroom, I also respect them for what they are!  I enjoy seeing the artwork and the little musical interludes that go with them.  Bumpers are an artform in and of themselves!

What anime bumps do you really like?  Do you have a favorite for a series?  What do you think of anime bumps overall?  Do they split up the show too much, or do you enjoy the little break in the middle of the show?


  1. Fairy Tail reuses the same bumper, so they kinda get lazy on that a bit.

    Death Note's bumpers had "How to use the Death Note," which I could never read because it's a wall of text that ended in seconds after the fade.

    Lucky Star has the same problem as Fairy Tail.

    K-On did an interesting bumper by making it the "end of side 1" on a cassette tape, and then after the commercial, it would "start" side 2 of the cassette tape.

    I've also noticed that networks will sometimes remove bumper and replace them with their own. I also hate it when networks remove the original credits and make a faster one so they can start the next show while the previous show's credits are showing in a split-screen.

    I think the only anime I've seen so far that hasn't had a bumper was Sonic X, but that was the 4Kids dub...

  2. I liked the bumps AS used to have.


  3. My Favorite Series is Bleach, but i don't the fillers