Thursday, August 18, 2011

The key to universal anime appeal: Ninjas, sushi, schoolgirls, samurai, and boobs

Those aren't my words, but instead, the words of a developer working on the upcoming 3DS title Senran Kagura. If you haven't already figured it out, the game will include Ninjas, sushi, schoolgirls, samurai, and boobs...all in 3D! It seems that one of the main developers in charge of the title believes that these elements are key to gaining universal appeal for a product. I have to admit, most people probably enjoy at least a couple of those key points!

The thing is, there are plenty of anime features out there that already include that kind of content and more. It's all about the actual advertising of the anime that will spark interest in possible viewers. While that content may be appealing to many out there, you have to find the right ways to reach that audience. Without that widespread blanket of marketing, your universal appeal falls flat on its face.

As I said, in this instance we're talking about a video game. Senran Kagura happens to be littered with anime-style animation through, including the intro that you see above. Certainly seems like it could be an anime airing on TV right now! Does that kind of content above get you interested in the game? I know I'm interested, but I'd be happy to see an anime adaptation alongside it! Perhaps if the game is successful enough...


  1. With the exception of sushi all of those things appeal to me and I might be willing to give the game a chance if it come over.

  2. Those boobs um...looked a little too forced .-.

  3. Well I already have the game preordered. So I guess that answers your question! :P

    Naturally I also have a Japanese 3DS (Flame Red).