Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pokemon, the gateway to anime

I suspect that many people started their love of anime through a little show called Pokemon.  While you may not have recognized it as anime back in the day, there's no doubt that it's part of the genre.  In fact, it may be the biggest anime to ever grace TV screens around the world.  Pokemon is a juggernaut franchise that continues to this day, and constantly breaks new records due to its long-running popularity.

I can remember seeing the very first episode of the Pokemon series.  It came on in place of another cartoon that I used to watch before heading to high school.  When the show popped up, I remember being angry that it took over the slot for another show I enjoyed.  Still, I gave the show a shot and actually really got into it.  It was unlike any other cartoon I had seen in the states at the time, and that's saying a lot.

I really loved the idea of the continuing story, and the journey of one young boy out to become the best at something.  It didn't hurt that he was using monsters to battle one another.  That just made the situation even cooler!  Seeing those first few episodes absolutely convinced me that this series was going to become something special.  I just knew it was going to take off.  I had no idea how huge the series would get though!

Of course, my interest of the anime series lead me into playing the first games, and then I was a fan for life.  I may not be current with all the episodes, but I still appreciate the brand and play the games as well.  There's something very timeless about the Pokemon series, which kids and adults alike continue to show support for.  While many thought the Pokemon series to be nothing but a fad, I think we've seen by now that that's simply not the case.

Did you catch Pokemon fever back in the day?  Do you still have it right now?  I'm sure many of you have dabbled with Pokemon at one point in your life.  I'm really curious to see how much you managed to stick with it over the years.  The series certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and I'm interested to see if you're along for the ride!


  1. Pokemon, is awesome. I have been in love with the games and the Anime ever since I first saw them! I still am a huge fan to this day.

  2. While Pokemon is good, I'm not sure it has quite the level of gateway appeal that Dragonball Z has had. Some of that owes to the stigma of Pokemon being 'kiddie fare' during the anime boom and some is Dragonball Z's incredible time slot right alongside Gundam Wing and others.

  3. I remember when it first came out and all the moms out there were like it's evil!!! (Did anyone else have Pokemon cards banned from their school?) So I don't think my mom let me watch it.

    But then overtime she forgot and I think I watched one arc/series and it was pretty good.

  4. I believe it cemented Pokemon's popularity as the other cartoons helped Nintendo's franchises. DBZ may be my first anime but I do fondly remember watching Pokemon and waking up early just for it. I still have Pokemon fever and will watch the series from time to time.

  5. I was already interested in anime before Pokemon came on the air, and I was watching it before I knew what the game was. It's still one of my favorite animes and I still watch it. The english version went to shit once 4Kids lost the rights to it (rare to actually WANT 4Kids to handle an anime, right?), and I really disliked the Diamond/Pearl series on top of that so I stopped watching for a while. Now I've been watching the raw episodes of Best Wishes every week and the show is really much, much better than it used to be. The complete overhaul the anime got is just like the overhaul the game got. It was much needed.

    I'm excited for tomorrow's episode as it seems from the preview that Iris is going to attempt to catch Meowth!

  6. Pokemon used to come on in the moring and so my brother and i would tuen the volume on the tv just for the opening theme song

  7. I'm actually watching the whole series, starting with episode one, with my sister right now, it brings back good memories of a good anime. THough I do perfer the games more then the show.