Sunday, August 7, 2011

Waist-deep in an anime backlog

It's okay, you don't have to be ashamed to admit it.  You're addicted to anime...and that's okay.  If you take care of your family, do your job/school work and wrap up your daily chores, you can take part in as much anime as you want.  You're not hurting anyone or yourself by watching, and damnit, you've earned the right to enjoy your free time!

Therein lies the rub, my friends.  You have tons of anime that you want to watch, but not enough time to watch it all.  Seems like a first world problem, doesn't it?  Not having enough free time to watch the anime you want to?  Still, it can be pretty annoying to know that you have all that great content sitting around and not enough time to take it all in.

The real problem comes from the anime industry itself, and it's actually not a problem at all.  While you may be working hard to get to that time off, the anime industry continues on.  Every week new content is put out, whether it be outside of Japan or in the country of origin.  The anime industry moves forward, and new content is never-ending.  Of course, you find yourself interested in some of that new content, and that just makes things even worse!

Welcome to your anime backlog.  That pile of anime, be it physical or digital, is staring you back in the face.  It's waiting for you to get back into it, but that new stuff just keeps swinging by and adding itself to the pile.  Before you know it, you're behind in a handful of series an you don't know how you're going to catch yourself up!  Are you in this situation with anime?


  1. I currently have about 112 episodes planned to watch in the next two weeks. A quarter of it is episodes that were just released, the rest are rewatches, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Chobits and Dennou Coil. I have more but they are currently on the back burner. Busy Anime life but useful in my regard.

  2. Well luckily every season there is only a handful that is top notch quality. So you don't have to worry about too much passing you buy.

    But for me personally, I don't have a "backlog" because right now I'm not watching too many shows that are airing right now. Though, I got a little behind this week since I've been pretty busy.

  3. I got a few series on my shelfs waiting for time. Elfen Lied, Big O, Speed Grapher, Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino. Also need to finish watching Kyou kara Maou, Samurai 7, Saiyuki. I also may try get back into Rurouni Kenshin at some point. I tried watching Kaze no Stigma, but did care for it enough. But for now, I watching Bleach, and that'll take up plenty of time.

  4. If you want to manage your anime RMC, I'll suggest the MyAnimeList website.

    A friend of mine introduced me to it and it's really fun.

    You should check it out sometime!

  5. @Sylverstone

    Yeah I've posted a couple of comments asking him to check it out, but he's not biting .-.

    Or he is and I just don't know it...

  6. Yeah RMC, is great. It's nice to keep track of Anime you have watched, anime waiting to be watched, anime on hold, and how many episodes have have watched of anime's you are watching, etc.

  7. Wow! No matter what your age is, it seems your passion and love for anime will never fade! Anime has become a part and a reflection of our life. Life has become more exciting because of the art and story that anime brings.

    Michelle Pendlelton