Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eden of the East: Paradise Lost - review

So ends another anime series that I was really enjoying.  At least, I think it ends here!  As far as I can tell, and from what I learned last night while reading around the internet, Eden of the East: Paradise Lost is the final movie in the series.  It came out back in March 2010 over in Japan, but just now received it's localization for North American audiences.  Thankfully the release dates between the first and second movies in the states wasn't all that long, and after watching the film last night, I can say that the time inbetween the two releases was definitely worth the wait.

There's one thing that Eden of the East: Paradise Lost does really well.  It actually manages to tie up almost all loose ends, and the information you're given makes a lot of sense.  From what I can see, there's no plot holes or points that were left open, flapping about in the wind.  There is one element of the show that was left without answer on purpose, and while I would have liked to see a resolution to that, I can understand why it wasn't included.  What is answered indeed gives us the information that fans of the show have been looking for.  What more can you want from a movie?!

Eden of the East: Paradise Lost does a wonderful job of picking up from the last movie and giving us more of what fans really like.  While some people may think that's just story details, I believe the cast of characters involved is much more important.  The series has done a great job with developing characters and clearly showing motives, giving you plenty of people to like and dislike as things went on.  Paradise Lost gives us our last look at the cast as they wrap up their journey, and the whole time you're watching you feel like you're on the journey with them.  It's truly sad to see these characters go, but good to know how the series leaves them with this movie.  The name of the game is closure, and it is oh-so satisfying.

There's one thing about both Eden of the East movies that some people might not enjoy, but I believe it to be silly to find fault in this area.  These movies don't play out as grandiose films, but instead, they feel like longer episodes of the series.  I actually like that...the show is the reason I enjoy the story to begin with!  Just giving me more of it in a movie-style approach is fine by me.  Some people might have been looking for more from these two films, but I believe the storyline of the anime series itself to be movie-caliber as it was, so these films sit just fine with me.

All in all, Eden of the East: Paradise Lost was a great way to end the entire storyline.  It's been a smart, sometimes funny, engaging, pretty and memorable show all the way through.  I really feel like the series and films do a great job of telling a mysterious story that keeps you tied in the whole way through, with the final movie giving you some of that payoff that you want.  How do I know the series was truly worth my time, and the movies as well?  After the final credits rolled in Eden of the East: Paradise Lost, I had that terrible feeling of loss.  The feeling you only get when you know you're losing out on characters and a world that kept you thoroughly entertained along the way.


  1. I love Eden of the East. I watched not too long ago and it was truly great and very interesting. I looked at the films as a season two, not movies, because they essentially were a couple episodes tied into one.

    I also agree that finding fault in that is just silly :P Anyways, glad you enjoyed it ^.^

  2. "After the final credits rolled in Eden of the East: Paradise Lost, I had that terrible feeling of loss." Yeah I hate that feeling ;_;. Have it after every series I finish pretty much.