Friday, August 12, 2011

Your dream job in the anime industry

Last night I posted up a rather detailed infographic that gave us an inside look at the anime industry.  Just what does it take to get an anime made?  Well obviously there are a lot of steps, but that infographic helped to break things down on a very simple level.  There are definitely more people involved in the creation of an anime, but all the major points were hit.  After checking it out, you really start to appreciate just how much work goes into the creation of a show!

Being an anime fan, I'm sure the idea of entering the anime industry has crossed your mind at one point.  I think it's inevitable!  If you love an industry enough, you'll find yourself thinking about what it would be like to actually be involved in that industry.  That's what happened with me and my GoNintendo blog.  I loved Nintendo for years, and now I report/write about them for a job!  I indeed do have those same feelings about anime.

If I were to get my foot in the door with anime, I think I might want to pick up the dubbing aspect of it.  If things were going to go 100% my way, I'd absolutely love to be involved with providing the actual voicework.  I think I could handle being a voice actor.  I'd like to actually give it a shot, anyway!  It's something about the business that has always appealed to me, and I'd love to get an even better look at just what goes on.  Perhaps in another another life...that voice acting gig could have happened!

What portion of the anime industry would you like to be a part of?  Do you have a burning desire to draw for an anime studio?  Would you like to pen scenarios for a brand-new anime?  Perhaps helping to adapt manga into anime would be more up your alley.  It's up to you, my friends!  Let me know what type of anime position you'd love to take up!


  1. Anime is like art, and I am no way into doing art things XD. I enjoy it, but I wouldn't want to make it.

  2. i would like to be a writer or be a voice actor

  3. I would love to be a writer or I would love to draw.

  4. I'm curious about communications jobs within the industry. I'm a minor in strategic communications and love the topic and would enjoy working in the field.