Thursday, August 11, 2011

Now anime fans can't get girlfriends/boyfriends?

I swear, it's one negative comment right after the other today.  Earlier today I posted about anime viewers being losers and nerds, which I hopefully defended anime fans well in.  Now I've seen some other comments while stumbling around on Twitter, with one particularly negative comment saying that anime fans aren't capable of getting a significant other.  Do people seriously think this stuff?

How in the world do people come up with this kind of stuff?  Where along the line did it become a stereotype that people that watch anime aren't capable of getting into intimate relationships with people?  Can anyone figure out that process for me?  If I said that guys into sports can't get girlfriends, everyone would look at me like I'm crazy.  That's how little sense an anime comment about significant others makes to me.

I guess people fail to realize who watches anime.  Believe it or not, both males and females enjoy anime features from time to time!  That means that 100% of anime viewers out there are capable of getting into relationships with people.  Chances of anime viewers not being able to fall in love with one another are very, very slim.

Do I believe that people making comments like this actually believe the crap they spout?  Of course I do not, and I know that they're just making comments like this to just hurt people.  It's sad to see people that aim to hurt those that watch anime, and that anime fans have to put up with stuff like this.  If you are an anime viewer with a significant other, speak up an be proud!


  1. If I remember rightly anime was the main topic of discussion (other than ourselves) on me and my girlfriends first date!

    Nine months later and we're still holding impromptu duets of the Sailor Moon theme song. Bliiiiss.

  2. My girlfriend and I actually have some conversations about anime, and I've actually got her to think about getting into it as well.

  3. Mom Brain...

    Your argument is invalid.