Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blu-ray/DVD dual release sets...why?

I'm starting to get a little annoyed with some recent anime releases. There seems to be a trend that I believe is rather disturbing, although others may see it as a silly complaint. It all has to do with the release of Blu-rays and DVDs. I have nothing against either format, and I understand the need to release in both, but why include both in one set?

Out of the last 4 anime features that I bought, 3 of them came in box sets that include both DVD and Blu-ray releases of the same show. I know that the Blu-ray format has some steps up on DVD, and I prefer to watch in Blu-ray if possible. Of course, I'll watch anything in any way possible, but when a higher quality is available I'll indeed take it.

That means for me, the DVD copy of the same show never gets used. It just sits in the box and does nothing but take up space. For the life of me, I can't figure out a definitive reason as to why so many anime releases lately are cramming both formats into one box. I don't need both...just one viewing format is fine for me!

Perhaps it's more cost effective to stick both formats in one box? I could see the cost going up if the publisher had to fund both DVD and Blu-ray formats in separate boxes, so perhaps they get a deal for both formats when bundled into one box. From that perspective I can at least understand the decision, but it still doesn't mean I enjoy having double the discs.

Yes, I know...these are 'first world problems' to complain about. With that said, I'm just curious as to why the anime industry is heading in this direction! Is this something that you guys wonder about as well, or do you not care at all!? I guess there is one good thing about having both formats. I can let a friend borrow a series and watch it at the same time!


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  2. It does not cost much more than getting either a DVD set or Blu-ray. I actually see it as getting an extra copy free. It is like when movies are released and you get a "digital copy". It's just simply another way of enjoying the show or movie in a different format with little to no extra cost. I say don't knock a gift horse in the mouth. I actually really like this trend, so someone not liking it really baffles me.

  3. Look at it like this: now you have a copy to give to someone less fortunate and also a) can't afford to buy it themselves, or b) don't own a blu-ray player.

    This could actually be used as a tool to help spread the love for anime. People may watch something they received for free, rather then what they would of had to pay for.

  4. It's a direct response to surveys. Alot of people said they want combo packs both on Funimation's surveys and at their industry panels at cons, had a good response with their first release, so they produce more.

    I prefer watching it on Blu-ray, but at times, I like to take some series with me, or lend them out, and thats when the DVD copy comes in handy. Since my laptop cant play blu-rays, or my friends down own a player, DVD is still used. Also, I bought combo packs before I got a blu-ray player, because I wanted to be able to watch the movie, but not regret skipping out on the blu-ray copy once I got a player.

  5. The reason is actually much more simple than what most people think. It's because retailers prefer the combo sets. Not the fans. It's the retailers driving this trend. Simply put, retailers have a hard time knowing how many copies to order of each format when they're sold separately. Sometimes they over estimate the demand for a DVD version, and buy too many copies of that format, or vice versa with BluRay. With combo packs, there is only one SKU, which simplifies the matter greatly for them.

    I've personally talked with Robert from Robert's Anime Corner Store, and he very clearly said that this is exactly the reason for the combo packs.

    That said, I personally have been absolutely hating the new combo packs from Funimation. Not because of the DVD included, but the absolutely appalling packaging. The standard with BD/DVD combo packs is to package them in BD packaging. Yet Funi has gone the cheap route, and uses DVD packaging for all their combo packs. It's cheap, and it's a slap in the face to BD fans. I buy the new Spice and Wolf Season 2 set, and the "special bonus" that they claim is that the art box nicely fits season 1 with season 2. Well I hate to break it to you Funi, but my shiny new season 1 BD set does not fit in the crappy DVD box you used for your new combo release of the season 2. Not to mention that my BluRay shelf is completely ridiculous looking now with Funi's DVD packaging mixed up with standard BD packaging that every other studio uses. You would never know that Funi's latest releases were actually BD's when looking at the packaging. And even retailers are making the mistake of putting most of them in the DVD section of the store (my local Best Buy puts all of Funi's combo packs in the DVD section of the store).

  6. Hm...This gives me an idea...If you don't like the DVD's then maybe um, you could make some giveaways on the site or something ;D