Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Twitter-suggested article - The most touching anime you've seen

I try to be as active on Twitter as possible, and that means I'm always searching out anime comments from other Twitter users.  Twitter user DABieberGomezH sent out a tweet about touching anime, and I thought it would make for a great feature!

Anime touches upon all sorts of genres, letting the viewer pick from absolutely anything you could ever want.  If you like romance anime, there's plenty of that for you.  You can also find action, comedy, drama, mystery and anything else that you find in any other medium.  That might be why anime is as popular as it is.  You get any genre you could want, but anime usually takes you to locations that don't exist in any other medium, or tells you stories that traditional movies/TV shows won't approach.

After seeing all of those different types of anime out there, it's going to take something special to really make you remember your time with the show.  I've found that one of the best ways to really make a lasting impression on a viewer is to leave an imprint on their heart...not literally of course.  Really connecting with the viewer through some sort of touching moment or relationship can be a great way to make that series stay fresh in the minds of many.

Personally, I found 5 Centimeters Per Second to be the most touching anime feature I've ever seen, and I've actually seen a lot of features that have touching moments.  The difference is, 5 Centimeters Per Second isn't just a film that offers a few touching moments.  This entire experience tugs at your heartstrings unlike any other anime I've seen.  Hell, it provides this feeling moreso than traditional film and TV that I've come across as well!  It certainly is very touching in a number of ways, but make sure you bring along some tissues for the experience.

What do you believe to be the most touch anime series' or films out there?  DABieberGomezH believes that Naruto and Fruits Basket provide some very compelling/touching moments.  I've seen Fruits Basket and I have to agree, but I haven't seen enough of Naruto to comment on that.  Do you agree with our choices?  Share some of your own as well!


  1. Clannad is the greatest and most touching Anime experience anyone can have. If you people haven't seen it you need to. I would go into better detail but I will be here all night. Please please please do yourself a favor and buy Clannad and Clannad The After Story.... Its truly the greatest show of all time! Its out now on DVD but Sentai is releasing it on Blu-ray in November...

  2. Pretty much any of the Key visual novels like Kanon or Clannad After Story are tearjerkers. I can't even finish After Story because it horribly depressed me and even if it has a good ending, I have to go through a bunch of melodrama to get there. 5 CM Per Second is another good one too.

  3. Yu Yu Hakusho has some pretty touching moments imo, the ending of the series is really touching.

  4. My "to watch" list currently has 5cm/sec on it...I think im gonna watch it next :D

  5. Yeah 5 Centimeters and Clannad are pretty touching.

    And I'll start watching After Story "after" I finish up Lucky Star :P