Friday, August 12, 2011

How much do you spend on anime?

Not that long ago we had a feature on anime being a very expensive hobby.  Obviously it's not as expensive as gaming right off the bat, but with multiple volumes in a series, the numbers can quickly add up to what gamers spend, if not eclipse it.  You have to make decisions on whether to buy volume by volume or wait for box sets, which can be an agonizing situation.

While we talked about anime being expensive, we've never touched on how much you guys and gals actually spend fueling your hobby!  I don't know about you, but I don't even want to think about how much I've spent over the years.  When I look at the shelves with my anime collection and start to add all of it up, I get a little sick to my stomach!  Not because I dislike anime, but because I realize just how quickly cash disappears!  That's why I've set myself up with a payment schedule.

I now allot myself a certain amount of money each month to spend on anime.  I know that some months I'll have plenty of money left over, and other months I won't have nearly enough to purchase what I want.  If that's the case, I just wait until the next month and then pick up what I couldn't the month prior.  Sticking to this budget really makes sense, and helps me to keep a handle on the things that I want.  I only ever have to wait an extra month to get something I want, and that time blows by quickly thanks to work.

How much do you guys spend on anime in a month?  Do you have a payment setup like I do, or do you just wing it?  Maybe you just watch anime online and on demand, so you really don't have to spend any cash!  Whatever your situation is, we'd love to hear what you're dropping on anime every month.  If you don't want to say how much you spend, that's completely fine!  Just let us know if it's a major expense for you!


  1. Yeah I watch on the computer so I don't spend any money on it. Pretty much the only money I spend entertainment wise is videogames.

    But yeah budgets are good. They aren't that hard to make, and it's so easy to stay debt free with one.

  2. I mainly wing my purchases. I can go a couple months or so without buying a thing and inversely buy several things in the course of a couple weeks. IT all depends on the release schedule and what I find interesting. My purchasing has leveled out some since I first started getting into anime, but I still buy on average a couple sets a month.

  3. i watch my animes online or use Netflix on my 3DS

  4. It all depends on what is actually coming out. Some months have barely anything on the release schedule, but others I find my self spending hundreds of dollars on anime.

    Overall though, I've spent a freakish amount of money on anime and anime merchandise over the years. I absolutely love collecting anime, and supporting the industry, so my anime collection is just insane. I even won a runner up prize on an otaku room contest on Danny Choo's website a few years back. >_>

  5. HOLY COW! I checked out my spending on anime over the past 12 months to discover that I blew over $550 on the stuff.

    We gotta support that which we love, am I right? But geez, I'm never adding those orders up again!!!

  6. Oh dear....after your post, I thought I'd add mine up by looking at the history in my checking account online. And I totaled up $3,100 that I spent on anime in the last 12 months.... @_@;;

    Yeah...I wasn't exaggerating when I said that I spend a freakish amount of money on anime.

  7. WOW!!! If more people spent as much as you do than we'd be in a much happier anime environment, I'm sure.

  8. with me now having a job i tied my record this month for anime dvds to my record for an entire year. i never watch more than a couple episodes online to get a preview, i reason its like a coin collector downloading a picture of a double eagle