Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anime and that special something

There's a reason I like anime.  Actually, there are many reasons that I like anime!  There are so many elements that I appreciate.  I've talked about many of them on the site before, and I'm sure I'll touch upon others as the blog continues.  The thing is, those elements that make me love anime are all parts of other storytelling mediums as well.  It's features that aren't specific to anime, but the anime industry seems to do them so well.  What I'm trying to figure out is that special something that anime has.

I know anime does indeed have a special something.  When I watch anime, I get a feeling that no other entertainment form gives me.  It's a certain sense of satisfaction that I get.  I'm not saying that entertainment forms like video games and movies don't give me wonderful feelings as well, because they do.  I'm looking at this very unique, interesting and awesome feeling I get when watching an anime.

What is it that gives me this feeling?!  Is it a combination of all the elements that anime offer, which end up bringing a unique package when compared to other entertainment forms?  That seems like a cop-out answer to me.  If I feel different when watching anime, there has to be something different about it to give me that sensation.  It's not the design or the art style, it's something that's hiding deep within anime itself.

Do you get that same feeling from anime?  That smile on your face and that glimmer in your eye that only anime gives you?  If so, have you figured out where that wonderful feeling comes from?  What is it about anime that makes that feeling surface, all while other entertainment forms can't seem to pull it off?  Is it something about anime, or something about us in general?

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  1. Yeah I get the feeling too :P

    I think for me, it's the fact that I'm going to get an exciting and engaging story told in movie form. Unlike books where you have to use your imagination and are just text and...yeah I don't like books :P