Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My cousin's kid just made my day

Ah, I love when anime topics randomly creep into my everyday life.  I know that every single day I'll talk about anime on this blog, but when someone close to me brings up anime, it really makes my day.  Case in point, my cousin's kid.  I just went over to my Facebook profile and found a wonderful, if not sad comment left on my wall.

this summer feels empty with no anime experience involved....

This is one of the family members that I watched Death Note with earlier in the Summer.  Like I said, the crew was really into Death Note, and we were all sad when it was over.  Not only did it mean there was no more Death Note to watch, it also meant that we didn't have a reason to get together every weekend and hang out!  That's exactly why I think this comment is both great and sad.

I've already put the wheels in motion for getting the anime group back together.  We just need to find something that everyone in the family will be interested in!  That's no easy task after Death Note!  Some of my family is looking for a comedy, and while I would like that, I know it's going to be hard to find a comedy that doesn't weird some of my family members out.  It needs to be an anime that doesn't feature too much over-the-top direction.

Surely you guys have some great suggestions, right?!


  1. Thats a tough one...i find anime to be a very personal experience so watching with a group must be tough. Now, comedy is a very broad category. Theres slice of life style stuff that utilizes comedy and then theres stuff like durarara that uses comedy to supplement the story.

    Neither of these are quite standard comedy fare and are actually very different than something you would call a "comedy" at a movie theater. Because of that i really cant help you ;~;

    Baccano! and TTGL fit into the second category but i wouldnt classify them as comedies. Unfortunately thats the best i can do.

  2. Yeah all I can really think of are animes that have comedy in them, not comedy as the theme.

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  4. Code Geass is the perfect anime to watch after Death Note, and it has the same characteristics that give it a broader appeal. Great story, characters, intelligent plot, a must watch.