Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forget the happy, remember the sad

I'm starting to wonder if I'm a bit of a weird guy.  Some of the anime topics I've discussed on the blog have lead me to believe that maybe I'm looking at things a bit differently than other people.  That's not a bad thing by any means, but really getting a look inside what makes my anime habits tick has made me realize a lot of things.  For example, my interest in anime that have happy or sad stories.

I have nothing against any anime story, no matter what the direction or outcome at the end.  I'll give any show a chance, and am even looking to jump into content that I was previously afraid to dig into.  I keep trying to push my boundaries wider, even though I thought I was really open before.  While I'm expanding my horizons, I'm starting to learn what types of stories really resonate with me.

When it comes to anime, I'm thinking that sad stories, or stories that have some particularly heavy/sad elements really make a mark on me.  Anime that's happy is fine by me, and I do love seeing happy endings and characters finally getting together, but it's those sad stories that make me feel like I really have content to latch onto.  It's almost like the devastation in the story gives me something to remember, and remembering a great anime is definitely a happy feeling...even if it has a sad outcome.

Am I the only one that is into sad stories like this, or feels this way about them?  I'm sure I'm not, but I'd love to hear from you guys on the topic.  Shedding a tear during anime can be a great way to have that story really impact you and stick in your head for years to come.  When everything is wrapped up in a neat little package, I might love it at first, but those memories seem to fade as the years go on.


  1. I know what you mean RMC, i can appreciate a lighthearted series but recently it seems all of my personal favorites were very depressing stories.

  2. RMC.. I ve said this before plenty of times and you have not heard me.. Clannad and Clannad the After Story. Please I am begging you and I will beg you until you have said on this blog.. ''I've watch Clannad and Mario1-7 you are Awesome for recommending this to me.

  3. lol Mario1-7 :P

    Anyway yeah it's like how you always remember vividly all the traumatic things that have happened in your life, and seem to forget the good sometimes.

    Now I don't mind a sad anime as long as the main character doesn't die. That is like my pet peeve. Other people can die, but if the main dies, than I dislike the series.