Monday, August 15, 2011

Letting too much time pass

If I really luck out, I'll find myself with a few nights where I can blow through an anime series.  I get to see the entire series in just a few days, and then I get to mull it over as the week goes on.  If I could have the optimal way to check that out anime, this would be the way to do it.  Unfortunately I don't find myself in that situation as much as I would like.

Most of the time, I'll check out a series when I get a chance to do so, but I don't know when the next opportunity will be to watch again.  That series will stay fresh in my mind for a few weeks, and all the time I'm looking to get that next chance to sit down with it.  Before I know it, more than a month's worth of time has passed and I haven't had a chance to watch again.

That time just continues on and on, and then I'll eventually see that some time is coming up to watch.  Unfortunately, that brings another issue along as well.  It's been so long since I last watched that I just can't remember everything that I've seen!  A few key moments stick out in my head, but usually the last few episodes are lost in my head.  I just can't figure out what exactly happened, which makes it very tough to start up again.

What's the longest you've gone when watching a series with breaks?  I'm ashamed to say that I've gone close to a year, and I just had to start the series over again.  Hopefully you guys have found some more free time to watch anime than I have!

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  1. Well I know there's been times where I went weeks if not months without watching Naruto or Bleach because their respective licenses with a tv network is in limbo, or it's just on hiatus.

    Other than that if it's something I'm watching that's already been aired than I never let more than a few weeks go by. Then I force myself to watch it so I don't forget :P