Thursday, August 25, 2011

Your level of anime fandom

We all watch and enjoy anime here, correct?  If not and you're on this blog, that means you're either just getting started with anime, or you've stumbled here by accident!  Welcome to you newcomers, but please excuse me while I focus in on those of us that have been familiarized with all that anime has to offer.  It's how we've become such big fans over the years!  Or huge fans...or gigantic fans...or super mega fans...

Just like a relationship with a real person, there are many levels to liking anime.  On a most basic level, you can enjoy anime from time to time, and just happen upon it whenever something comes across your path.  On the completely other end of the spectrum are the die-hard anime fans.  Their houses are shrines to everything anime, they own every single piece of anime merchandise you can think of, and they only interact with real-life people by using anime dialog/mannerisms!

I'm guessing that most of us fall somewhere inbetween those two, and that leaves a rather wide open space for us to explore.  Anime fandom brings in all levels of fans, some more dedicated than others.  If I had to mark myself, I'd say that I'm a pretty hardcore anime much as my free time allows me to be, anyway! I watch anime on TV through shows and DVD/Blu-ray, I keep up with news via the internet and magazines, and I'm always on the lookout for new content.

Just how deep are you into anime?  Tell us something about your anime interest that you feel exemplifies just how much you enjoy anime.  There's no shame in telling us just how into anime you are.  No worries about anyone judging you here.  We're all just curious to see how big our anime fans are!


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  2. I'm a huge anime fan. But I only watch dubbed anime that I buy on DVD or BluRay. That said, my anime collection is enormous. I also have a rather large figure collection. I won one of the runner up prizes in an otaku room contest on Danny Choo's website a couple years back:

    Mine is the last one listed in the runner-ups. Keep in mind that those pics are a couple years old already, and I've since bought a new TV, and increased my anime, figure, and videogame collections since taking those pics.

  3. I'm not really hardcore in the sense that I own a lot of shows or a lot of merchandise (in fact I own none :P).

    I find myself in the middle I guess. I like to watch a large variety of shows and have a general idea of what anime comes out in Japan.

  4. I'm a pretty big anime fan. But like videogames, I can't watch anime all the time, so I try to change up on what I do to pass the time. For me it's either, reading, playing videogames, watching anime, reading comics, or manga, watching tv shows, or watching a movie. That way I don't get sick of a certain thing. But I consider myself a huge anime fan. I buy them mostly in Bluray, and watch them online too :P

  5. do i really have to tell how much i love anime?... Do I!!!??
    ME... Love... Anime...!