Friday, August 19, 2011

Anime on TV just doesn't meet my schedule!

I've learned something about trying to watch anime on TV.  It lead to my realizing that my schedule is just too full.  I really don't have enough free time, and when I do get that time it's very early in the morning.  That means I don't really get to enjoy anything that's on TV unless I record it, and sometimes I just forget to record something when it's on.  I know I should set a schedule, but that slips my mind as well!

This really impacts my chances of watching any anime on TV when it actually airs.  The one show that I manage to watch every week is Durarara!!, and that's only because I watch it with you guys!  If I didn't have that scheduled time to watch the show and chat with you guys, I doubt I'd actually watch it when it airs.  I'd have the best intentions for a couple weeks and then it would just fall apart.

DVDs and On-Demand anime have spoiled me beyond belief.  They let me get my anime fix on my own terms, and that works out 100% of the time.  I can sit down and watch when I want to, and I don't have to set aside time to actually watch something when the TV tells me to.  I may want to see an anime more than anything in the world, but sometimes that scheduled show ever week just doesn't line up well with what's going on in life.

Do you find it hard to watch anime when it's on a weekly basis on TV?  Have DVDs spoiled your viewing schedule as well?  I really hope I'm not coming off sounding spoiled in this article!  I just have a very busy schedule that makes traditional scheduled anime viewing near impossible for me!


  1. Its not really an issue for me, if an anime I want to watch is airing on TV I just set my DVR to record it. I rarely watch a show while its actually airing, though I have made an exception for Durarara!!

  2. Yeah it's definitively hard for me. Luckily it's just Bleach and Durarara!! that I watch on tv. If it was any more than I wouldn't have the time.

  3. I never watch anime on TV. It's 100% on DVD and BluRay for me. That's how I've done it for over 10 years.

  4. I've actually recently found it hard to watch any show on tv when it airs, I just end up waiting for it to be on netflix, or in the case of anime, I just download it. But I do like to watch shows all at once. But the only down side to this is the cliffhanger episodes are spoiled because you know there is more to the show, and I just end up marathoning thru them, and it doesnt have to sink in.