Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time to give Gundam a chance?

If you didn't notice, I run an anime blog!  That has something to do with me loving anime.  There's pretty much no aspect to anime that I don't love or appreciate.  That goes for mech anime.  While I do respect and appreciate the genre, I personally don't like watching it.  There's just something about giant robotic warriors that doesn't tickle my fancy, but I'm willing to change that.

It seems like an oxymoron to love anime and not be into mech stuff. That's one of the major genres that anime provides!  Now, there are series' that I watch that involve mechs, but they aren't really the focus of the series.  Even with those elements, I tend to fade out when that mech stuff comes up.  I don't just doesn't interest me, when it seems like it should be something that's very entertaining!

I think the biggest trevesty is that I don't know anything of the Gundam side of anime.  I know that it's hugely popular and respected, but I haven't seen a single episode of any Gundam series.  Please, don't burn me alive for not having seen any Gundam!  I know that's a sacrilege, but I really think it's time for me to change that.  There has to be a reason why so many people enjoy the Gundam series!

For all the Gundam fans out there, can you help point me in the direction of where to start?  I'm obviously overwhelmed by what's out there right now, and I have no idea what's good or bad.  Is there a good place to start?  Hell, is there a correct place to start as far as storylines go?  I'm really walking in the dark here, and I could use all the help I can get!


  1. Most of the Gundam series are self contained and completely unrelated to the others (kind of like the Final Fantasy series in gaming).

    I've personally watched all of Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, and the newest series Gundam 00.

    Of those three, Gundam SEED is by far the best. It's absolutely fantastic. It takes about 10 or episodes though for it to really get its hooks in you. But when it does, it's one of the most amazing anime series that I've ever seen. I would definitely start with SEED in my opinion. You won't regret it.

  2. If you want to start with the traditional Universal Century I suggest starting at Mobile Suit Gundam. It may be old (it certainly shows it's age), but in my opinion it has some of the most brilliant writing a show can possibly have. Of all the Gundam series this one still seems the most fleshed out. Characters grow up and evolve, and every detail and situation is wisely thought out.

    Watching Mobile Suit Gundam will show you why the series has been around for 30+ years. In fact Bandai Entertainment is about to re-release this sucker on DVD this September with dual audio for the first time in the U.S.

    If you are fancy something more modern I second MARI0's suggestion of Gundam Seed. It is a very nice parallel of the original series with some excellent twists. Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny are a solid 200 episode roller coaster!

    And then there is Gundam 00. Great series in my opinion about where the world just might be in a few hundred years. Combine that with modern takes on some of the best themes and ideas from various Gundam series, and you've got one of the most refreshing views of Gundam to date.

  3. Gundam SEED is actually 100 episodes, not 200. SEED being the first 50, and SEED Destiny being the second 50.

    To give a good example of just how good that show can be, I was even able to get my sister, of all people, hooked on it. And she doesn't even care about anime. She reached a point where she was watching 4 or 5 episodes every night. And for her, that's insane.

  4. Yeah, sorry about that. Accidentally hit "2" instead of "1". Gotta proofread more often.

    I also wanted to add that even though the mobile suits are the main draw, I'd say that my absolute favorite things about Gundam are the strong themes and excellent characters that bring those themes to life.

  5. Absolutely. The Gundam franchise has some of the most "human" characters in anime. The kind of attachment you attain for them throughout each series is very strong. And the themes that they face can be profound indeed. Even if you're not big on mechs or mobil suits, you won't even care by the time the story gets its hooks in you. You'll just have to see one more episode every time the credits roll, just to see what happens next.

  6. Couldn't have said it any better myself.

  7. I could never get into Gundam, or any other giant robot series (save Gurren Lagann because, you know). They just aren't interesting to me.

  8. Its exactly like tofydoo said those are the best entry points into Gundam.

    If you are more interested in the Original Timeline i.e Universal Century I suggest going in this particular Chronological order.

    Mobile Suit Gundam (Movie Compilation)
    Zeta Gundam (series)
    Chars Counter Attack (Movie)
    Gundam Unicorn (movies)

  9. G gundam. THE BEST GUNDAM EVER.

  10. I think I started with G Gundam, but I'm sure it's really shown its age by now.

  11. G Gundam, Gundam seed, and Gundam 00

  12. MAAAAAAAAAN seed and 00 have the most pretentious and pretty-boy protagonists, EVER (Besides wing UNNNNNNNNNG) Yeah though, G gundam all the way

  13. Mobile Fighter G Gundam is definitely one of my favorite series, but I wouldn't choose it as a starting point. This is the one you turn to when you want to shatter all expectations for a Gundam series.

    "Look, the East is burning RED!!!"


  15. G-Gundam is more of a Super Robot show, unlike the other Gundam series. If you want to start with Gundam UC, then you can either choose to start at a somewhat later point, or fairly early on. If it's from the beginning, then 0079 is where to start, although I recommend watching the movies rather than the series due to its age. After that is Zeta Gundam, which is a fairly good show, and then Double Zeta (ZZ), after which is the movie Char's Counterattack. For more UC, there's various side-story OVAs that can range from 6-8 episodes long, as well as Victory Gundam, another whole series that takes place farther into the future than other UC series. You might want to go through these one at a time rather than all at once, unless you really like UC. For non-UC stuff, there's G-Gundam, which you might want to save as something to "spice things up" so to speak; there's Wing Gundam which was fairly alright, it had some issues but wasn't too bad, despite that some people might exaggerate its flaws; there's Gundam X, which is an alternate ending to UC that shows a drastically changed timeline, although you don't need to know too much about UC to watch it; then there's Turn-A Gundam, which is somewhat of a slow series, but has fantastic characters and a fairly different, but good, plot. Coming to things from past the year 2000, there's Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, which have had mixed opinions form a lot of people, although most people agree that SEED is better than SEED Destiny; and then there's Gundam )), which borrows some plot elements from Wing, although it's still fairly different, and most people say Season 1 of 00 is better than Season 2.