Sunday, August 28, 2011

Durarara!! Ep. 10 - impressions

Durarara!! seems like a series that just keeps getting better and better. The more we get into the series, the more reasons I have to get excited for the future. I really have enjoyed the series thus far, but last night's episode got me super excited for what's coming next Things have been on a slow boil for awhile, but the rest of the series is sure to be pretty explosive from here on out!

Durarara!! has done a great job with building up characters and suspense as things move along. You know a ton of characters and some of the things about them, but you don't really know their true motives. You don't know what makes them tick and what they're really out to do. Episode 10 finally gives us a look at how all of these people are going to come together for one reason or another.

As you know, one character in the show has been looking for something very precious her, and now she's found out who has it. The main character of the show is now the key connection to these two characters, and we can see how they're going to come together. I don't know what the resolution will be, and I'm trying not to spoil anything for those that aren't watching yet, but the possible resolution to this situation can't be a pretty one!

In Episode 10 we also got to learn a bit more about one of the gangs, The Dollars. Durarara!! has a few gangs that run about town, and it's very clear that they don't like each other. The thing is, each group is just as mysterious as the other, but at least Episode 10 showed us a little bit of the true colors with Dollars members Again, this is only helping to build up the intensity for future episodes.

The episode ends with a tease of the main character taking a big action. We know that he's going to make a move on the situation, but we don't know which way he's going to lean. That's because the episode purposefully cuts before we hear what the main character's decision is. If that's not a good sell to watch the follow-up episode, I don't know what is!

Episode 10 of Durarara!! has gotten me more excited about the series than I've been so far. I'm really seeing how the story arch was planned now, and we're clearly at some sort of tipping point. No matter where the series goes from here, big things are going to happen. I'll definitely make sure I'll be around to watch!


  1. In my opinion, episode 11 is probably the best episode of the series. 12 is great too, but 11 excels in so many ways. You'll see what I mean next week.

  2. It's a shame that the series hits its peek with episodes 11 and 12, and never really comes close to reaching that level again from that point on. The second half of the series, while still enjoyable, is a mere shadow of the fantastic first half. And it's incredibly frustrating that they leave the series' most exciting plot thread completely unresolved in the end.

  3. Yeah I was like uh huh uh huh...Nooooo!!! When they left us hanging :<