Monday, August 8, 2011

Appreciating that which I cannot do

There are many, many reasons why I love anime.  It's nice to look at, it is very well put together, the stories are some of the most interesting I've ever seen...and so on.  There are plenty of reasons to give, but there's one I really haven't touched on.  I think I greatly appreciate anime because I love the style, yet I have never been able to draw in that way on my own.

I truly do believe that anime is gorgeous.  There are many other art styles that I love and appreciate, but there's just something about anime that tickles my fancy more than the others.  It might have something to do with growing up on video games, which no doubt had a very Japanese anime-style art approach in the early days.  Now we see that style mixed in with all other types of art, but my love of the anime style has endured.

I've tried so many times to draw in an anime style.  I've picked up books and practiced for months on end.  Nothing ever really came together.  I think it might have something to do with my lack of drawing skills in the first place, but at least I tried!  Going through those motions and trying to learn how to draw in an anime style has made me appreciate it that much more.

Have you tried to draw in an anime style?  Is it something you'd like to tackle in the future?  I'd love to see if you guys have tried any drawings in that style.  Feel free to share your work in the comments below or via Twitter or my email!  I'm sure some of you can pull off some fantastic art, and I'd love to see anything you've pieced together!


  1. I tend to flutter between styles, but this is probably the most 'animesque' thing I've done;

    I used to be all over trying to replicate the anime style, but then my art teachers and snobbier peers steered me in a different direction. :D

  2. There is no anime art style, seeing you write a post like this is weird. Anime has hundreds of art styles. Shin Chan is an anime, the art style in that show isn't very complex. One art style doesn't define anime.

  3. Im not much of an original content guy but heres some of the stuff ive drawn (unfortunately i have a big problem finishing stuff)

  4. Even though I'm horrible at art, for some reason I love watching Mark Crilley's videos on Youtube. He is a manga artist who posts tutorials on almost every aspect of drawing anime, and then some other things too.