Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's this type of mentality that makes it hard for anime lovers, and nerds of all kinds

This world can be a very shallow place.  I think the real sad part is, some people aren't ashamed to show just how shallow they are.  I guess if you are shallow, you don't know enough to be ashamed of feeling/living that way.  Unfortunately, I'm about to share a perfect example of a rather shallow person with you.  This one applies to just about any 'nerd' out there.

Alyssa Bereznak is a blogger over at Gizmodo, and she recently posted up an article that involves a recent date she went on.  Ms. Bereznak met this person through an OkCupid advert, and decided that the guy was worth meeting up with in person.  Little did she know that her date would be so horrendous that she couldn't stand to go out with the guy for a second outing.  Oh wait, the date wasn't bad at all...

Turns out Ms. Bereznak couldn't stand to date this guy anymore because he was...a world-ranked Magic: The Gathering player.  According to the tale of her date with this guy, we don't hear a single thing about the date that was negative, other than the fact that he's a world champion at Magic.  This was a fact that she just couldn't shake, and it lead to her doing away with the guy.  I mean, seriously...how could she be expected to date such a nerd?!

This is exactly what I was talking about a couple weeks back on this very blog.  Some people view anime fans as nerds...and that's such a disgusting fact to them that they can't even stand to be around the people.  It may have been a Magic player in this instance, but substitute any so-called 'nerd' activity in there, and you get the same outcome.  You can bet with 100% accuracy that the same thing has happened, and will happen again to anime fans.

The worst part of this article is that  Ms. Bereznak says it's just human nature to judge people on shallow stuff.  I don't know about you, but that statement absolutely disgusts me.  I guess that might have something to do with having a personal goal of never, ever judging anyone/anything in a shallow way.  I get to know all about that person/thing before I make a decision on if I want it in my life.  To me, it sounds crazy that someone would see one little 'flaw' in their eyes, and then do away with that person altogether.  Seriously, how can someone make such a snap judgment like that!?

Anime fans, we have to stand together to do away with this kind of silly thought process.  It's not enough to just ignore people like that.  We have to spread the word and show people why we love anime.  There are people that are more than willing to shoot us down at the sheer mention of anime, and that's not right.  Those people don't have to like anime or like that we like it, but damnit, we have every right to be proud of being anime fans, and every right to not have our entire being judged on that.


  1. I think it works well, but honestly I've grown a bit tired of it. Generally, hearing "school" is a negative thing for me now in anime. I really dig slice of life anime, so it's almost unavoidable. I've been trying my best to find more about that 20-30 age range, or at least something like college setting, but they're usually pretty difficult to find.

  2. Her first mistake was trying to find love online.

  3. Rotfl, I don't see how a person so dull and shallow could be considered "a loss" for the guy. I hope he noticed it by himself. He definitely didn't lost anything.