Monday, August 29, 2011

Representing anime wherever I go

In an article earlier today, I made quick mention of my Rideback keychain that I keep on my necklace.  It was at that point that I realize that anime is represented pretty well on my necklace!  It's something I wear every single day, which kind of makes it my ambassador for the anime industry!  There have definitely been a few people that asked about the necklace and what's on it, which has lead to some interesting anime conversations.

That's my necklace, in all of it's glory.  I've been wearing this sucker since 8th grade, and new stuff gets added every year.  It's become a bit heavy by now, but I feel weird when I'm not wearing it!  I just don't feel like myself, and part of who I am is definitely shown in this necklace.

There's the RideBack keychain, in all it's glory.  Without a doubt, this is the most recent addition to the neckalce.

That's my Death Note pendant which says Death Note on the back.  This one is definitely the conversation starter of the bunch!

And that's Lupin the Third, as if he needed any explanation!  This one has been on here since the first days of college, which was a very long time ago.  I think the condition of the pendant goes to show just how long I've been hanging with Lupin!

Do you have a bit of anime fandom that goes everywhere with you?  Perhaps something you wear?  Maybe something you hang in your car off the mirror?  We'd love to hear about it!


  1. i have a Bleach and Gurren Lagann button on my backpack. i sometimes wear my dill necklace that i got

  2. Well my phone has a K-On! type wallpaper. And I carry my cell phone everywhere. So yeah!