Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why don't I like mecha anime?!

The other day I talked a bit about giving mecha anime a try.  I still intend to do that, and I'm thinking about just where I'm going to start.  That's something I'll figure out a bit later.  Right now, I'm desperately trying to come up with a reason for why I don't like mecha anime.  I shouldn't even say that!  I should say that I'm looking into finding out why mecha anime doesn't interest me.

I can't say that I don't like mecha anime, because I hardly ever watch anime!  I'll stumble across one or two of them by accident, like The Big O or Gurren Lagaan, but I never actually sit down with the intentions of watching a mecha anime.  There's something about the idea that doesn't sit well with me.  Just thinking about it automatically takes me out of the experience...and this is an experience I haven't even had yet!

There's no point in my life where I had a negative experience with mecha anime.  I didn't see anything when I was a kid that put a sour taste in my mouth.  I didn't hear complaints from friends as I grew up.  It's just this weird thing that I simply can't explain.  In a sense that's a good thing, because it gives me a great reason to actually watch mecha anime and give it a legitimate shot.  That feeling of dislike will come up when I see the first mecha battle taking place, but so long as I think about how I have no reason to feel that way, I think things will get better.

Are and of you guys mecha anime converts?  I'm hoping to be on that side of the fence someday soon.  For now, I'll just have to spoon feed myself mecha anime and try to further figure out this weird misfire in my brain.  If any of you have gone from mecha hater to lover, please let me know how the transition went for you.  I'd also love to hear why you disliked mecha anime to begin with!


  1. Those stupid controls they used to move those humanoid robots. No way that shit would work... and that's one of the reasons I love G gundam...

  2. Lol mech animes have actually been a positive standout for me when it comes to genres. I always tend to give them the benefit of the doubt of being good :P

  3. I feel the EXACT same way! I haven't watched much of mecha, but yet I avoid it while not having any real reason whatsoever to do so! The ones I have seen though I definitely don't like thanks to mecha being present but everything else around it.

  4. So you're kinda like Deux when it comes to mecha anime.

  5. Actually Robotech was the first anime I ever watched, that got me into anime :P But I reccomand Robotech, and Gundam 00, those two are a few of my favorite mecha anime...