Sunday, August 14, 2011

That live-action series would make for a great anime

I've been hearing from various people that Supernatural is the first traditional live-action series that has received an anime adaptation.  I've been trying to look up information on that to get a confirmation or denial, but the details are hard to pin down.  I find it hard to believe that not one other live-action series in the history of TV has received an anime treatment, but that's beyond the point.

Supernatural is definitely making some big waves in the anime scene.  Without a doubt, seeing the live-action series jump to an anime was pretty damn surprising.  Even if it wasn't the first, it's certainly not something that you see happen all the time.  Since I don't watch Supernatural, I don't know what to make of the anime series.  I also don't think I'll just watch the anime without jumping in, as it wouldn't seem right.

What has happened is a train of thought that lead to other live-action TV shows that might work as an anime.  There are definitely shows out there that ask you to stretch the limits of your imagination, and sometimes I find that easier to do through anime.  When I see recognizable actors in all sorts of roles via shows and movies, it gets harder for me to take them in different series.  I see them less as an actor and more as a particular role that they played.  When I watch anime, the characters always look different.  While they may sound similar in the dub, the visuals help me to differentiate.

If you had to pick a few TV series' to get an anime treatment, what would you pick?  Are there any shows on right now that might work better as an anime?  Perhaps you think a certain live-action genre might work better through anime than it does on TV?

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