Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your anime guilty pleasure

I could talk about how great anime is for ages and ages.  There's no shortage of amazing content out there, and simply not enough can be said about it.  Hell, I don't think enough people are trying to spread the word on all that great stuff, but that's a complaint for another day.  For this article, I'm pushing aside the piles and piles of wonderful anime to talk about...guilty pleasures.

I hope I'm not the only one that is guilty of watching some lackluster anime that you just can't help but watch.  Not ever show out there is going to be a huge hit, nor do they deserve to be.  With that said, there are just some features that tickle your fancy in a certain way to keep you watching.  You know the show isn't that good and it even gets on your nerves sometimes, but you stick it through because something in you just can't stop.

If I had to pick a guilty pleasure, I'd have to go with Maburaho.  I know that the show isn't really all that great.  There are some fun characters and unique ideas, but nothing that really warrants a viewing.  Unfortunately, something about the show just keeps bringing me back.  Slowly but surely I am making my way through the series.  Every once in awhile there's an episode that really makes me smile or warms my heart, and that's enough for me to look past the gratuitous fan-service and sub-par dialog.

I've aired my dirty laundry, now you guys have to do it as well!  Fill me in on what your anime guilty pleasures are.  Don't worry, we aren't going to judge you!  Let's all come together and make ourselves feel better about those anime features that don't really deserve out free time, but they get it anyway!


  1. Kodomo No Jikan = Lolis nuff said.


    I love this show.... But.... Just watch an see

  2. This old anime, called "My Wife is a High School Girl".

    It's a romantic comedy anime that is fairly repetitive (starts the same way everytime) and is pretty dated.

    It's about a girl struggling to keep her marriage to her teacher secret from everyone else. The story is rather simple, but the lengths they go to in order to save the marriage sure makes for some good comedy.

  3. Mine would be Angelic Layer. There's nothing wrong with the anime itself, but I think it's actually meant for girls instead of boys, but it is CLAMP, so I make no apologies.

  4. I'm kind of with you on Kodomo No Jikan, but I thought it actually ended up being a pretty decent story, and didn't feel nearly as bad about it.

    Even though it's popular, I'd actually have to say Lucky Star. I can endlessly watch that show over and over again and never get bored.

  5. Any type of romance anime is my guilty pleasure. I know TWGOK isn't the best out there, but I liked it a lot.