Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Death Note viewing party in the works

Is there such a thing as too much Death Note? If there is, I haven't hit that point yet. I've made my love of the series very clear on this blog, and I'm sure Death Note will be a topic I continue to talk about far into the future. Any chance I get, I'm always out to spread the word on the series. That's exactly what's happening later this week.

Over the Summer, I managed to get a very large portion of my family into Death Note. It all started with a bunch of family members that knew nothing of anime, and were quite skeptic of what they heard. All it took was some Death Note action to have them change their minds. By the end of the series, every single one of them admitted how wrong they were about anime, and showed their definitely devotion to the series.

There were a few family members that wouldn't give the anime a shot, but that's where the manga came in. I knew that if they just read the series they'd fall in love. Lucky for me, the two standoffish people decided to read the manga, and they both become hooked. Now they're dying to see the anime series as well. Talk about a complete 180!

SO that's the family side of things, but what about friends? That's what the party tomorrow night is all about! It's been a very long time in the making, but it seems that schedules have lined up to give us a chance to get together and watch some Death Note. I don't know how far into the series we'll go on our first night, but I'm dying to see what my friends think of however far we get. Indeed, some of my friends can be harsh critics, but I think Death Note is up to the task.


  1. Watch Code Geass with your family when you have the chance! It's the perfect anime to watch after Death Note. I made my friends watch both, and once they were done watching those two amazing animes, they couldn't stop.

  2. Listen to @Woopman :V

    It may be a little too over-the-top for new comers, but it is good if you liked the plot of Death Note.

  3. i just recently got back in to Death Note! I tried to get my friend to watch it but she doesn't have a computer to use and her parents are strict so she cant come to the house :(