Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new manga approaches...

Not that long ago, I was talking to you guys about the upcoming localization of the Blue Exorcist anime.  We have awhile to wait for that, but we can enjoy some of the manga while we wait.  I didn't have immediate plans to pick it up, but it's clear that someone else at our place did!

I guess my talking about Blue Exorcist convinced my girlfriend to grab the first three manga when she was out at Borders.  I only know a few things about the series based on previews that I've read.  Now my girlfriend is getting into the story, which means I have to find time to keep up with her!

I had enough trouble finding time to watch anime as it was.  Now I have to fit in time to read this manga as well!  I guess I really can't complain since I know I'm in for a lot of fun!


  1. I actually like the anime. At first I was a bit put off from it when it first came out since its a shounen. But I decided to take a look at the first episode and from then on I have been hooked.

  2. Blue Exorcist isn't getting Localized. its getting released Subtitled only Localization comes with an English dub. Other than that they are releasing fansubs on a disc and making people pay for it. There is no excitement in a release like that. It ruin the shows release and its slowly killing the industry because casual fans don't want to read subtitles. Also releasing a Subtitled only DVD/Blu-ray set for $74 is unacceptable. This is way I hate NIS America for there approach to Nintendo consoles and what they did to Toradora! NOBODY WANT THERE 90% Over priced sets!

    Sorry for my rant but I wanted Blue Exorcist to have a dub with at Blu-ray release and Oreimo with dub and blu-ray.

  3. @Mario1-7

    Yeah shounen's are perfect for dubs, like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, the list goes on. I'm surprised they aren't doing it, but they are with Madoka Magica O.o