Monday, August 29, 2011

Those hard-to-find releases

There's one big problem with following anime releases.  If you don't purchase something you want within a couple months of release, you could be out of luck for years to come.  You never know what DVD and Blu-ray releases are going to be stocked well or only see one shipment.  It's very hard to get that information from the publishing houses, which makes every release a gamble.

Sometimes we just don't have the cash to pick up the things we want when we want them!  You can only hold out hope for online and retail stock for so long.  You could preorder things in a few cases, but eventually you're going to have to plop that cash down and pick the release up.  If you don't do that in a certain amount of time, off the copy goes to someone else.

You can forget finding copies of limited releases a couple years after they launch.  What if you only find out about a series a few years after it was initially released?  That makes the copies actually out for sale very hard to find, and when you usually stumble upon them they're way too pricey.  I wanted a copy of Grave of the Fireflies, but I'm not willing to pay over $100 for a used copy!

What anime DVDs and Blu-ray releases have you had trouble finding?  Anything in particular that you're still hunting for?  Sometimes you start to think that your only option is to be happy with watching an online release.  While I don't personally bootleg content, I know that some people do out of frustration.  That just goes to show how hard to find certain releases can be!


  1. I've always bought my anime DVDs/BluRay when they first release. So thankfully, I've never experienced the trouble of trying to find a particular release.

  2. There was an anime flick that came out in the beginning of July. As soon as it came out I rushed to stores to find it...

    ...ON DVD! Of course the version I wanted was the Blu-ray release, but the only way to obtain a copy was online.

    Shortly after, I ordered a copy off of a website that I don't think I will ever deal with again. After a month of waiting I canceled my order, and requested my money back.

    I pretty much decided to pass on it when, alas, I happened to stumble across a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack at a JPOP festival this past weekend. The best part was that it actually cost $10 less.

    I also used to collect Zoids Chaotic Century, but never completed it. I ended up giving my DVDs to a friend. Last year I had a great desire to recollect those DVDs. That is until I saw the asking price. Maybe one day...

  3. Found Grave of the Fireflies for like 35 bucks :V