Monday, August 22, 2011

The perfect anime to break the ice

Ah, the language of love. No one speaks it perfectly, and we're constantly learning it as life goes on. Hopefully one day in life you'll end up finding that special someone that you can share everything with. It's always nice to have a significant other at your side to share your interests with. The thing is, sometimes it can be tough introducing those hobbies to someone that's new to them.

This past weekend on the GoNintendo podcast, we had an aftershow discussion with a listener that had a girlfriend that didn't respect his video game interests. It's a shame to think that people are in relationships where they can't be themselves, and furthermore, that they think it's okay to hide their interests and opinions in order to stay in that relationship. You're out to find someone who loves you for what you are, not what they want you to be.

Obviously this discussion had me thinking about anime as well. If you're just getting into a relationship with someone, you're first objectives are to find out what the other does for work/school/fun. It's the earliest steps you take in building a relationship with someone. They get to know what you like, what you do and how you spend your free time. From there, you will most likely bring each other into those hobbies to share them.

Let's say you have someone you're dating that knows nothing of anime, but they're open to the idea of it. You don't want to start thinks off poorly, which means you need to find a nice neutral anime to start off with. Knowing what's out there and what you've seen, what do you think would make for a great intro anime for a relationship? Remember, you don't want to scare the other person away!


  1. Hm, I hardly ever tell anyone my hobbies really, or what types of music I like. It's weird, but I do it for reason.

    So I don't know if I would ever tell my gf about anime if I had one. Though, maybe down the line I might...

  2. I havent told my girlfriend that i watch anime but im not hiding it either. Ive made references and such in her presence. But then theres the fact that sometimes she subtly says something that could be taken as a jab at anime or just a casual remark and i dont know what to think. Im sure it will be mentioned someday (and i'd love to get her interested) but it hasnt happened yet