Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eden of the East appreciation

I have a simple article to start off the day.  It's going to be Eden of the East related, because that's all I can think of right now!  I'll explain in just a minute.

Eden of the East found quite a following in Japan, and it seems that the series has its fans in the states as well.  While it may not be absolutely mindblowing, it is a nicely written and beautiful anime.  It definitely has some engaging characters and unique twists along the way.  The real key to the show's appeal comes from the storyline itself.  The creators are always dropping just enough breadcrumbs that you can't resist watching just one more episode.

It's all about mystery, conspiracy and intrigue.  As the show progresses, you learn more while also forming more questions.  A good mystery anime will always have you wondering just what's going on, all while you try and piece together the situation for yourself.  With Eden of the East, you have some basic ideas as to what's going on and why, but you're always ready for that next big twist that surprises you.  It's a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, all while maintaining a rather calm demeanor.

Eden of the East is on my mind today due to the second movie now being available.  I've been waiting awhile to get my hands on this one, since the first movie ends in a bit of a cliffhanger.  I'm really interested to see where the series goes, and with this movie supposedly wrapping up some loose ends, it should be quite engaging.  I'm sure many of you are looking forward to today's movie release as well.

Are you into Eden of the East?  Have you checked out the series?  What do you think of the show in general?


  1. Yeah I haven't seen it, but I guess I'll check it out one of these days if it's as good as you say.

  2. As I've said already, I finished watching Eden of the East two weekends ago. I received the final movie on BluRay a couple weeks ago from RACS. There really is no such thing as a real release date in the R1 anime industry, as every store, even Best Buy, sells new releases as soon as they arrive, and not on the so called "street date". And most new releases arrive several weeks before the designated street date.

    That said, Eden of the East is absolutely awesome. Easily one of the best series from the last 10 years. And yes, the Paradise Lost movie completely wraps up the story, leaving no relevant plot threads unresolved (a rarity in anime these days). Truly a fitting finally to an amazing series.

  3. Eden of the East continues to be in my top five anime of all time. The series was pretty good, the first movie disappointed a little bit, but the second movie just brought everything to a nice conclusion. At first it was about a game and finding out about Akira, and ended with some philosophical debate. Freedom Vs. Restriction, letting a new generation take over vs. sticking with the status quo. It has been going around in my head since watching Paradise Lost.