Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Sims Social shows some love for anime/manga fans

I hardly ever play Facebook games.  The only one I played before was NOVA, and I played that for about two days.  With that said, I can never resist the call of The Sims, no matter what platform its on.  This time I had to check out The Sims Social on Facebook, and surprisingly it relates to this blog!

I finally got enough money to put a TV in my house, which is what I did earlier today.  When I clicked on the TV for viewing options, it surprisingly offered up the station below.

I don't know that we'd ever see a 'manga' station on TV, since that really doesn't make much sense.  Regardless, I popped it on and watched some quality 'manga' programming.

I like to see anime and manga getting any kind of coverage, and with 5 million people playing The Sims Social already, perhaps some newcomers will look into just what manga and anime are!  The only bad thing about it?  I'm guessing I have this option for viewing on my TV because I picked the 'nerd' character alignment in the game.  For other players that aren't nerds, they might not even see the station.

See!  Nerds and anime brought up yet again.  Just the topic I was talking about last night!


  1. Then people are going to be like why can't I watch manga on real tv lol?

  2. I think everyone can see the manga channel, since my person has a creative personality and I can see it. :)

    Also, check out the new Japan-themed items! Lots more anime there!