Monday, August 8, 2011

The reviews finally convinced me

I read multiple reviews...I listened to a bunch of Twitter comments and I talked about it via email.  I was on the fence for awhile now about High School of the Dead, but I finally decided to go for a purchase.  Did I make a good decision or not?  I'll find out a little bit later tonight!

I didn't hear reviews about this anime that were 100% stellar, but I did hear that it was fun with a fair amount of fan service.  If I can watch an anime and have a fun time, that's enough for more.  It doesn't take much to put a smile on my face, and hopefully that's what High School of the Dead can do.

Did you check this one out?  Be sure to fill me in on what you thought!


  1. Ive seen it...and it was very fun haha

    biggest problem was it didnt have an ending which wont be a problem assuming theres a season 2

    Have fun!!!

  2. IT's a great one RMC, I've watched it twice threw now. (once when it originally came out with subs and I purchased the dvd last week.)

  3. Yeeeeeah good choice b^_^b

    Though, I would recommend watching with the Japanese audio. The show had a better/creepier vibe that way.

    And yeah the end does have a cliffhanger. I really hope they make another season.

  4. to be honest i never watched high school of the dead

  5. That's an incredible series. I kept watching it weekly until it ended (13 episodes). It's border-line "H," but it's still able to keep action mixed with a kick-ass soundtrack. Screw the haters, go watch this.