Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The state of anime localization in Europe

I'm going to sound like an ignorant American here, and on this topic that's true.  The only way I can find out the answers is by doing research, and I thought I'd put the question out to you guys in order to find out.  Hopefully some of you out there are knowledgeable on the topic.  It's not going to be hard at all to know more on the topic than I do!

Localization is a very important topic on this blog, as I focus mostly on the shows and movies that have been officially localized for release.  When talking about localization, I'm referring to any content that receives an official translation out of Japan.  For me, that means I'm looking into content that comes over to North America. That's where I live and purchase my anime.  With that said, I also want to know what's going on with our anime-loving friends in Europe!

The anime situation in Europe is an important one to me.  I've just never had the time to really look into what localization is like over there.  I'd like to think that our European friends have it as good as we do, but a few random comments and articles I've read over the years leads me to believe that things are a little slow.  I'm hoping that that notion is out of step with what's actually going on in today's anime industry.

Do you happen to know what the European localization situation is like?  Does Europe end up seeing most of the content that we see localized, or does a lot of it get left behind?  Hell, maybe the situation in Europe right now is better than what's going on in North America!  I know that Inazuma Eleven is going on over there, and that's a show I'd absolutely love to see here!  Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I guess no one who reads this blog is from Europe :V

  2. if you give me your skype or e-mail we can talk about it I am from Europe ...